An Alzheimer's Association Can Help!

The Alzheimer's Association is a national site that is dedicated to helping those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, along with their family members and caregivers. They provide helpful instructional pages on what Alzheimer's is, how to recognize the signs and symptoms, and how to deal with common problems. The Alzheimer's Association also spearheads political action to help with research funding and connects volunteers with clinical trials in which to participate.

If you're looking for help with the care of your loved one, there are also many ways that the Alzheimer's Association can help. They have forums and boards where you can speak with others who are going through the same thing that you are. They also have local licensed facilities in your area that provide nursing home care, or those that can help with in-care options such as visiting nurses and the like.

The Alzheimer's Association also provides information on new caregiving and coping skills. You can learn how to better communicate with your patient and with those around you. They also host a 24/7 hotline for emergencies, and have an online calendar system you can use to coordinate with those who are also providing assistance and care for your loved one.

However, this is not the only Alzheimer's association that can help you with the problems associated with being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer's. There are many online sites that have similar aids and assistance for patients and their families.

When looking for an Alzheimer's association, you may want to consider what you need specifically. Is it local medical care and specialists? Do you need forums to talk with others who can lend support and answer questions? Or are you someone that wants to give back and can organize fundraisers or is willing to contact political leaders to request more funding for research? Many of the Alzheimer's associations that are available online do much of the same thing, but you need to find one that you're comfortable with and where you can meet those who are of similar mind.

And remember that if you need help with care or medical treatment, you should speak with your doctor about your options. He or she can point you in the direction of an Alzheimer's association that would work for you, and can also recommend the services of in-home specialists. Whatever your needs as a patient or caregiver, your doctor can help you.

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