Anti Aging Amino Acids For A Healthier You

When everyone, it seems, is looking for an all natural cure to aging effects, many tend to overlook anti aging amino acids as a way to reduce and prevent the effects that aging can have on our bodies. The beautiful thing about amino acids, is that they can be found in a great number of the foods we already eat. So the first thing that you should do to take steps toward an anti aging routine, is to be sure that you first and foremost are getting a healthy diet each and every day. Below, we are happy to bring you a list of the most important anti aging amino acids, and the dosages that are medically recommended.


Arginine is just one of the anti aging amino acids that can be found in high protein foods such as eggs, fish, nuts, and beans. It is considered to be a natural anti-coagulant, and has been shown to prevent heart disease and clogged arteries. There has also been research into the effects of Arginine that suggest it may aid in lowering cholesterol, and may help to prevent both strokes and heart attacks. Arginine is also said to improve circulation and increase sperm production.


Leucine is another of the anti aging amino acids that can be found in high protein foods such as red meat and eggs. It aids the body in repairing injuries, which is essential for those who are facing the effects of aging. Without the proper amounts of Leucine in our bodies, we are unable to heal properly, and small injuries may become more serious. In addition to its anti aging properties, Leucine has also been shown to help increase appetite in those suffering from cancer.


One of the most important anti aging amino acids is Cysteine; a powerful amino acid that is absorbed through diet, and an be found in foods such as broccoli, dairy products, soy beans, and Brussels sprouts. Cysteine plays an important part in anti aging, as it helps our bodies to better metabolize the fats in our diets, as well as to prevent against the damaging effects of both alcohol and tobacco smoke.

Cysteine has been shown to help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as to help boost the immune system. With one of the most serious effects of aging being our inability to ward off illness, these important anti aging amino acids should always be a part of our diets.

As you can see there are a great number of anti aging amino acids that you should be incorporating into your diet. As long as you maintain a healthy diet, you should be more than able to get the right amount of anti aging amino acids for your body.

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