The Link Between Brain Stimulation And Longevity

For years scientists have been trying to discover the secret to eternal youth. While staying young may not necessarily be possible, there are many ways to make certain that you have a long and productive life. One of the most recent subjects that has been studied is the correlation between brain stimulation and longevity. It is believed that exercise and other activities may actually help to stave off the effects of getting older. But is it true?


More recent studies have shown that there is a correlation between brain stimulation and longevity in Alzheimer’s patients. While people suffering from this terrible illness were once sentenced to an unfulfilling life in a nursing home, left with little or no contact with the outside world, today it seems that Alzheimer’s patients can live at home for a much longer time, and may never actually need to be remanded to a nursing home.

Studies on Alzheimer’s patients have shown that brain stimulation and longevity go hand in hand for activities such as playing musical instruments, drawing and painting, and any other activity that requires ambidextrous coordination. This has been proven by the fact that active musicians do not seem to contract the disease nearly as often as those who lead sedentary lifestyles.

Get Up And Move!

Others studies on the link between brain stimulation and longevity have proven that those who maintain an active lifestyle, actually stay younger longer! Okay, maybe not literally; but it has been proven to lengthen the amount of time we are able to stay active, if we actually start off that way. Studies showed that those who spend their retirement years with little or no activity, actually age faster than those who maintain a daily regimen of exercise and other physical activity.

One of the best ways to benefit from the link between brain stimulation and longevity, is to begin a daily exercise routine now, while you are still young enough to make it a regular part of your daily activity. If you already play an instrument such as the piano, a daily part of your routine should include roughly an hour of playing. If you do not already know how to play – takes lessons. Learning a new activity is another part of the benefits between brain stimulation and longevity.

The results are in! The correlation between brain stimulation and longevity is the number one way to reduce the effects of aging!

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