The Princeton Longevity Center Changes The Annual Physical

As a result of the Princeton Longevity Center doctors throughout the country are rethinking how they do the annual physical, they are now offering intensive exams aimed at doing a better job of catching and preventing health problems. These executive physicals were at one time only offered as a perk to top managers, but now these programs have been changed due to new diagnostic imaging techniques and cutting edge blood tests developed by the Princeton Longevity Center. These high level physicals can last between one to seven days and cover a battery of tests in addition to extensive nutrition and fitness counseling and other services.

The Benefits

These super physicals have the benefit of giving doctors a better chance to assess a personís health rather than piecing together a patients information during multiple appointments with half a dozen or more experts. Rather you spend six to eight hours a day with only a few physicians who see an average of three to five patients only in a day. In comparison, the average doctor in the United States will spend less than nineteen minutes with their patient, meaning they see about sixteen or more patients per day.

The Cost

The exams started by the Princeton Longevity Center are costly, with one test being between two to three thousand and some costing as much as seven thousand or more. Most insurance companies will only cover a small percentage of this cost. However, the Princeton Longevity Center test will give you the opportunity to focus on prevention as well as diagnosis and treatment which is rare in the medical world that focuses on anti aging. Therefore, if you want a comprehensive one-stop look at your health these tests may well be worth the cost.

However, if you donít have the money to spend on these tests or if you donít have the time to take them there are still other options at the Princeton Longevity Center. The center is among the first in the United States that has the most up to date medical tests long before other doctors start using them for routine practice. Therefore, you can always ask your doctor to perform these tests. Your doctor simply has to order the blood work that is typically done during these super physicals, such as the c-reactive protein tests or the advanced cholesterol screening. If you require additional counseling, your doctor can refer you to a nutritionist or an exercise physiologist.

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