Hyaline Cartilage And Aromatherapy Treatments

Hyaline cartilage is the cartilage that exists in the knees. This cartilage can become brittle as we age and can even deteriorate, causing pain and inflammation. There are many treatment ideas whenever disorders of the hyaline cartilage appear and one of those is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy treatments for hyaline cartilage ailments are two fold. First, the aromatherapy herbs used have healing qualities that can relieve the pain and can assist in the healing process. The second result of aromatherapy treatments is the soothing scents given off that can induce relaxation, which is essential for healing.

All Natural, Without Side Effects

Whenever the hyaline cartilage begins to deteriorate or becomes inflamed, it can be very difficult to do things you once took for granted. Walking, and even sitting in certain positions, can be very difficult and almost impossible. There are drugs and other treatments that can help but these are artificial and there is still little known as to the long term affects of these so called treatments. Using aromatherapy to assist with hyaline cartilage disorders is all natural and you donít have to worry about any side effects.

If you have hyaline cartilage, and aromatherapy is something you want to try, get some essential oils and try rubbing into the affected areas. Some good scents to use are lavender, thyme, eucalyptus and ginger. You can also use what is referred to as a poultice pouch, which is a piece of cheese cloth or other light material with the various aromatherapy herbs placed inside. Once heated, the pouch then releases the herbs into your skin. This hyaline cartilage and aromatherapy treatment can assist with the pain and can hopefully help you walk again, which is great news for anyone who suffers from this debilitating disorder.

For centuries, aromatherapy has been used to induce relaxation and also to relieve pain. Itís with this concept in mind that many people are using hyaline cartilage and aromatherapy treatments to help them once more enjoy life. Just because you are in pain doesnít mean that you have to remain that way. So, if you have never given hyaline cartilage and aromatherapy treatments a try, do so and see how they work for you. Whether you use the oils to rub them into the joints themselves, or you use a poultice pouch, you will see that the pain will subside and youíll no longer have to miss out on life.

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