Why Does Back And Leg Pain Occur?

Back and leg pain can result from spinal injuries, weakened muscles, pregnancy, strains and even arthritis. Back and leg pain during pregnancy is usually caused by the extra weight gain and stress on the spine. Arthritis can cause back and leg pains especially in bad weather as the joints become less flexible and increasingly dry causing aches and pains. Strain or injury on the spine because of lifting something that is too heavy or lifting an heavy object in an unsafe way can also cause back and leg pain. Weakened muscles due to lack of exercise for any reason is another way to cause this type of pain. The pain usually starts in the back and progresses down through the legs depending on the cause and location of the pain.

There are many spinal diseases that could potentially cause back and leg pain. These can include arachnoiditis, epidural fibroisis, lumbar disc herniation, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. The pain is usually located in the lower back but then extends down through the legs. The areas can feel tender and certain movements may increase pain. The type of pain can vary depending on the type of spinal problem that has occurred. Symptoms can vary and it is important for the pain to be properly diagnosed before deciding on what treatment to pursue. Some of the spinal diseases mentioned could require surgery but this is generally a last resort as spinal surgery can be quite complicated and many people have a fear of this type of method, often preferring to try out all other options first.

Forms Of Relief For Leg And Back Pain

Many people accept back pain as something that cannot be treated or something that should just be suffered without complaint. However, there is relief available in the forms of exercise and medication for example. It all depends on the cause of the pain. It is advisable to discuss the cause and treatment with a professional, be it a physician, chiropractor or physiotherapist. There are many forms of massage and physiotherapy treatments that can relieve or even cure the causes of back and leg pain. Arthritis cannot be cured but can be eased with the use of heat applied to the painful area. For many back and leg pain causes, simple stretching exercises can provide both instant and long term relief.

Some forms of back and leg pain can be aggravated by sitting still and eased by walking while the reverse is true for other types. This is why diagnosis of the problem is so important. Most types of back and leg pain can be eased by taking pressure off the back which in turn relieves the leg pain. Leg pain is often eased by stretching and slowly rotating the part of leg that is in pain while strengthening the back muscles can also improve the symptoms. Non-prescription drugs are often used to treat back pain but they do not always work effectively and in this case prescription drugs or even physiotherapy may be needed in order to relieve the back and leg pain symptoms.

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