Different Types of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Approximately 85% of women experience back pain during pregnancy. Although there are not enough studies for the treatment of back pains during pregnancy, consulting with your doctor to determine the type of back pain can lead to a better understanding of the problem and resolve on an accurate solution.

Back pain during pregnancy develops because of added weight caused by the pregnancy itself or extra weight that shifts in the front of your body, adding stress to your back. Because of this, your back muscles perform harder in order to support balance.

While some experience mild back pains during pregnancy, others can experience a higher degree of back pain. Although this condition can be experienced at any point of the pregnancy, most women complain about back pains later in the pregnancy because of the baby’s increased weight.

Back pain during pregnancy is more likely to occur among women who are overweight or had a history of back pains, even before pregnancy. For pregnant women, back pains can be caused by various reasons, such as hormone increase, excess weight, posture, gravity and stress.

Prevention and Treatment of Back Pains during Pregnancy

Back pains during pregnancy can be mild to severe. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to reduce or prevent the frequency and severity of your condition. Most doctors recommend continuing physical activities and exercise to strengthen both your abdomen and back.

Make sure you get sufficient amounts of rest. However, avoid sleeping on your back and elevate your feet. In addition, you should avoid using high heels during your pregnancy and wear some kind of support belt under your abdomen. This will reduce the strain of your back.

Whenever you pick something from the floor, be aware of your posture and kneel down with one knee while the other flat on the floor before lifting the item. Use your legs to lift the item, instead of using your back. However, you should ask for help in lifting things as much as possible since pregnant women are more likely to lose their balance.

If you’re experiencing mild back pains during your pregnancy, you can treat this by hot or cold compress, wearing support devices, sleeping with pillows under the knees, going to a massage therapist or chiropractor for massages and taking anti-inflammatory medications. However, if the pain persists, make sure to visit your health care provider to treat your condition.

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