Back Pain Relief Without Medicine

A number of medications have been manufactured for back pain relief i.e. analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. But experience with back pain has taught people many treatments without involving medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen etc. These treatments vary from special exercises to herbal formulas and daily household items. Some of these home remedies prove very effective in causing back pain relief.


Garlic is the most popular home remedy for back pain relief. The recommended use is two to three cloves of fresh garlic daily in the morning. Garlic oil can be prepared by frying ten garlic cloves in 60 ml of any of the oils- mustard oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil. Fry on slow heat until the cloves turn brown. Cool the oil and rub the back with it, leaving the oil there for about three hours. This should be followed by a warm water bath later. Repeat this procedure once or twice daily for two weeks.


Extract the juice of a lemon and mix a little table salt in it. Let the patient take it twice daily. This simple remedy is useful in relieving back pain.

Chebulic Myroblan

Chebulic Myroblan is a useful fruit for patients of back pain. After every meal, eat a bit of Chebulic Myroblan for easing pain.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural treatment for back pain. Taking two grams of these vitamins in the form of fruits and green vegetables bring back pain relief even in severe cases of pain.


Potato is a cherished diet for people across the globe. It is also a natural remedy for back pain, especially for pain in the lower back. Poultice made of raw potato should be applied for some time daily to the aching area.

Back Pain Relief With Diet

Back pain can also be treated at home by taking more healthy diet. Such a diet is centered on taking salad of uncooked tomatoes, carrots, radishes, and lettuce. Lightly cooked vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, and spinach are also good for living pain-free. Fruit and milk are better for a breakfast. Whole-wheat bread should be taken in lunch along with steamed vegetables. Fatty and spicy food is harmful to health and aggravates pain. Caffeine-rich drinks like coffee and tea should be taken minimally.


Smoking is the arch enemy of health and in a great many number of cases it indirectly furthers the back pain. Tobacco too is harmful and should be given up at once if signs of pain appear.


Special yoga exercises have been found helpful in bringing about back pain relief. Some of these include shalabhasana, halasana, uttanpadasana and shavasana.

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