The Discomfort And Cause Of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can create great discomfort and be the cause of many sleepless nights. It is a very common ailment and most people in their lifetimes will suffer from it. There are a variety of causes of lower back pain, some of which we will discuss below. It is important to have your back pain checked out by a professional as it can also be caused from underlying more serious conditions.

Some Of The Causes Of Lower Back Pain

When choosing a bed one should be careful to make sure that the support that is offered by the base as well as the mattress is going to be firm enough to ensure healthy back care. This is one of the most common causes of lower back pain because it will cause the body to lie in the wrong position during the hours of sleep. Bearing in mind that we spend between five and eight hours a day asleep one can see the importance of having good body support during this time.

Another cause of lower back pain can be from lifting heavy objects incorrectly. This may lead to any muscles or tissues around the bones that form the lower back to tear and cause inflammation in this area. This will cause the person great discomfort and pain and make moving around difficult for them Other causes can also be a fall, a sudden turn on the wrong direction, any jarring or jolting and such movements of this manner.

Although exercise is an important part of our daily lives, the incorrect use of gym equipment can be a cause of lower back pain. This is why it vital that before using any of this equipment a gym instructor or personal trainer is consulted so that the correct way to use it can be shown. As well as this it is also very important to make sure that the correct stretches are done before any exercise as it will stretch and warm up the muscles so that they do not strain during your workout.

The lower back is a vast network of bones, muscles and nerves and if any of these are damaged in any way it can be a cause of lower back pain. As we get older the composition in our bodies change and due to this, like any machine with age, the wear and tear becomes greater. These networks can easily become damaged or worn down and this can create pain as the body adjusts and tries to compensate for them. Arthritis is one of the more common causes in this case.

Other common causes of lower back pain can be attributable to pregnancy where the baby in the front will cause strain on the back and cause pain the muscles at the base of the spine. This can also be evident in over weight people where the back has to compensate for this new weight on the front of the body. As the kidneys are also located in this region it may also reflect problems in this area, which is easily identified by a visit to the doctor.

There are many causes of lower back pain and if they persist for a long time or keep returning it is important to have a health professional check out the causes. There are also a lot of was in which we can make sure that we keep our backs healthy proper support on beds, care when exercising and correct technique when lifting or carrying heavy objects.

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