Learning How To Manage Chest And Back Pain

In the world of chronic pain management, great care is taken into making people feel as comfortable as they possibly can, while living a life that is full and enjoyed as well. Living with chronic pain can be a tremendous on a person, physically, mentally and emotionally. The pain is so prevalent and dominates every decision they make, everywhere they go, and every thought they think. It often leads to depression of one sort or another and can be devastating not only to the person suffering from the pain, but also the family members and loved ones as well. For those individuals who not only suffer from back pain, but also suffer from a combination of chest and back pain, the challenges can seem overwhelming. Yet, with help and proper treatment, there is hope.

Causes And Treatments For Chest And Back Pain

Often chest and back pain happen concurrently because one area is inflamed and is radiating pain into the other region of the body. For example, when oneís lungs are inflamed or infected, this may cause the entire chest cavity to feel pain, including the back around the ribs and thoracic region. Often, one feels that they cannot catch their breath when this pain happens, and it can be very frightening for the individual. Another cause may be when someone has heart disease and is actually having a heart attack. The upper back may hurt along with the chest, making it difficult to determine what is actually happening.

Sometimes chest and back pain happen simultaneously when a person has injured their spine, and the nerve endings are shooting pain into different sections of the body. The chest may receive these impulses as well as other areas of the body. When the ribcage has been broken or damaged, pain can definitely radiate into the upper back causing severe pain. To help this pain, drugs are often prescribed for short-term relief of symptoms and inflammation. Over time, with rest and hot or cold compresses, relief may be found. If the pain is caused by heart disease or another condition such as this, then changes may have to be made in a personís lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, in order to find lasting relief from the pain.

Massage therapy and chiropractic care can prove helpful when it comes to chest and back pain as well. Both of these therapies can help these areas to obtain the healing they need through proper alignment of the spine and stretching of the muscle tissue. Often a combination of massage and natural medicine will help to relieve and heal many types of chest and back pain.

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