Reasons To Use Exercise For Low Back Pain

There are plenty of reasons to use exercise for low back pain. Sometimes the only relief that can be had is through using a form of exercise for low back pain. Exercises that are aimed at strengthening the muscles in the back and also stretching exercises can give relief. Other forms of exercise such as swimming and walking can also help the pain caused by lower back pain. It is important to consult a doctor before undertaking any new exercise regime and warming up beforehand is necessary so that the problems are not aggravated. Exercise for low back pain should be undertaken when certain injuries occur or else to prevent the symptoms of back injury.

Lifting heavy furniture, muscle strain, joint dysfunctions, slipped disk problems and ligament sprains injuries can all be eased using exercise for low back pain. The best and most instant relief for low back pain is to rest on the floor with pillows under the knees, hips and knees bent and feet on a chair to take pressure off the back. After a back injury or potential injury, rest should be taken for at least a day before undergoing exercise for low back pain. However, too much rest can also be bad as it allows the muscles to weaken so it is important to at least walk around for a few minutes regularly even if it hurts.

Relief And Exercises For Low Back Pain

Taking pressure and weight off the back can bring instant relief to someone that is suffering from lower back pain. Applying heat to the area can also soothe the pains. Heating pads or a hot water bottle can be used as can cold ice packs and massages. General manipulation of the area can sometimes be better than exercise for low back pain. The area may be swollen and painkillers can then be used. The pain can also be treated with some prescription drugs or muscle relaxants. Most of these methods can be used at home without the consultation of a doctor, however, if pain persists, it makes more sense to talk to a doctor about the appropriate forms of relief and exercise for low back pain.

Normally inactivity after a back injury can cause more problems as the muscles are weakened and so some low stress exercise should be undertaken as soon as possible in order to help the person regain strength in their back area. The back absorbs all of the shock to the body and so the low back pain sufferer should be aware that the exercise they try out should not cause additional shock to the body. A chiropractor or physiotherapist may be able to provide relief and stretching exercises specifically for low back pain. If back pain symptoms increase or are not relieved by any type of method then the problem could be more serious and in some cases require surgery.

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