Understanding Left Upper Back Pain and your Shoulders

Left upper back pain is a very common condition. When a person experiences pain in the left upper back, it is usually associated with the shoulders or other more serious factors.

As you consult your doctor about the left upper back pain, a physician usually checks up the shoulder first. This is because the shoulder joints are very complex and each movement you make could cause strains, sprains, tears, or inflammation of your muscles, capsules, bursa and ligaments, which all make-up the joints of your shoulder. While pain on your shoulders can cause different conditions, it is more likely to develop into left upper back pain.

When you experience left upper back pain, you need to understand how your shoulders work to be able to pinpoint if the problem is connected with your shoulder’s movements. Your shoulder joint is made up of an articulation and three joints, where the long bones of your upper arms meet the articulation with the shoulder blade and collarbone.

Whenever you move your arms, four important muscles work together to keep the joint in place. Although other minor muscles take part in this job, these four muscles are the most vulnerable to inflammation, sprains, strains and tears, which can lead to left upper back pains.

Causes of Left Upper Back Pains

When you experience left upper back pains, it is important that you determine where the pain is coming from. This way, your physician can make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Different tests, such as MRI scans, X-rays, neurological tests and others, can be performed to know where the left upper back pain originates.

Left upper back pains can be caused by different conditions. For instance, acute bursitis, a condition where the small sacks of fluid called “bursae” become infected, swollen or inflamed. When a patient complains about left upper back pains, difficulty of sleeping and pains from any movement of the arms.

Some people complain about their upper shoulder and upper back. When this happens, pain can be extreme, even with small movements of the arms. These kinds of condition are usually related to a pinched nerve, which can be linked to the neck or spine.

When a person complaining about left upper back pains and point to the problem at the shoulder blade, these are usually caused by small muscles that goes into spasms due to trauma or muscle overuse.

While left upper back pains can be related to the joints or muscles surrounding the back and shoulders, it could also be a sign that the pain is coming from serious problems on body organs, such as heart attacks, pneumonia, chest problems, ulcers, cardiac injuries or other abdominal problems.

For this reason, it is important that you consult with your doctor about the left upper back pains because it could lead to fatal health problems.

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