Keep Low Back Pain At Bay

The most frequent cause of low back pain is the injury, strain, or spasm that results from physical labor like lifting heavy objects or assuming inappropriate postures. Joint problems like slipped discs also cause the same kind of pain. In these cases any of the connecting discs between spine bones is bulged, causing pressure on nerves. Low back pain is a major problem with a proportionate number of people in America especially in their waning years of life. By good chance, most cases of pain in the low back can be treated by simple methods.

Lying Position

Lying on your back on the floor, while having pillows under the knees, is the best position for getting relief from low back pain. The hips and knees are bent in this position so that the back is not burdened with pressure. This lying position should not be practiced for more than two or three days since it may start to weaken the body muscles. It is advisable that the patient takes a walk for a few minutes every hour, even if he/she feels some pain.

Sitting Posture

Chairs designed with straight backs are preferable for sitting as well as those that have low-back support. Do not leave your feet hanging while sitting. Use a small tool to prop your feet on, if they do not make it to the ground. If you need to turn, do so with your whole body and not by twisting at your back only.

Heat Treatment

Using heated pads is very effective in pain associated with muscle spasms. Use the pads from 20 minutes to half an hour at a time. Massage is also a means of comfort against back pain.


Several over the counter medicines are available that ease the pain. Aspirin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen etc. are all drugs that relieve pain in the back. But these are for temporary use only and should not be taken for more than a few days without consulting a physician.

Preventing Back Strain

Prevention strain in the back is the key to preventing low back pain. You are required not to lift heavy objects by bending over. Just bend your knees and squat to lift an object without twisting your body. While moving a heavy object, push it rather than pulling it after you. Take short stops during a long travel by an automobile. Let your back and body muscles relax by stretching. Shoes with high heels are not recommended for wearing. Take regular exercise but do not go to extreme.


By taking regular exercise, you can prevent low back pain. Gently stretching the back muscles is the easiest and most helpful exercise. Strengthening exercise and aerobics are also helpful provided that the low back pain is not too severe to hinder such activity.

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