Lower Back Pain Exercises can lead to Greater Comfort

If you are one of the many who experience lower back pain now and then, you will undoubtedly be happy to know that there are lower back pain exercises you can do that will strengthen your back and lead to more pain-free days and nights. Many back problems are the result of muscles becoming out of shape from inactivity, but the good news is that it is never too late for strengthening exercises that will lead to a stronger back and a healthier you. The key is to begin slowly, and stay consistent with your exercise regimen to ensure that your muscles get the full benefit of the program that you decide to work with. Coupling your strengthening exercises with aerobic activity such as bike riding, swimming or even walking can help keep you in good physical condition and maintain strong and flexible muscle tone.

The Proper Way to Perform Lower Back Pain Exercises

As with any exercise program, before you begin your lower back pain exercises you should meet with your doctor to ensure that you are physically prepared for the rigors of a regular exercise routine. Your doctor can rule out any specific causes for your back pain, as well as recommend the best exercises to fit your lifestyle and current physical condition. Once you receive a clean bill of health from your doctor, you can begin experimenting with a number of different lower back pain exercises to find the ones that bring you the greatest pain relief. There are a number of exercises to choose from, and most can be done with little or no equipment from the comfort of your own home. If you prefer to do your lower back pain exercises at a local gym, you can broaden your selection of exercise by including equipment such as machines that will increase strength and flexibility, as well as cardio machines that will ease strain on your lower back while giving you a great aerobic workout.

Lower Back Pain Exercises that you can do at Home

For the home workout, there are a number of simple lower back pain exercises that you can perform every other day to strengthen your back, hip and abdominal muscles. These exercises can be given to you by your doctor, a personal trainer or can even be found in books or on the internet. The key to successfully performing these exercises is to complete each motion in a slow gentle manner; inhaling before each repetition and exhaling during the motion. A warm up is always a good idea before beginning any lower back pain exercise, and a cool down that consists of some gentle stretching and breathing exercises is also important. Try to be consistent in completing a routine of your lower back pain exercises every other day for maximum effect.

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