How Yoga For Back Pain Can Help

Back pain can occur due to many reasons, such as bad posture when standing or seating, which is usually what happens at work, lifting heavy packages using your back instead of your legs and sleeping the wrong way. Exercise can cause back pain, too, when done the wrong way, however, most times back pains are cured through exercises such as yoga.

What Is Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that originated in India centuries ago when holy men who were called ‘yogi’ would go into meditation for days on end and would practice yoga in order to keep their senses and muscle toned in the process. Yoga is an exercise that uses the power of the mind to strengthen and tone the muscles without using any tools or other machines that you find usually in the gym.

Yoga was been used for therapy in order to work many parts of the body and it can be used successfully for back pains too.

How To Use Yoga For Back Pain

There are many yoga for back pain exercises that are meant to relax and work your back muscle in order to relieve strain and pain and some of the common used ones are called: corpse, cat stretch, wind releasing pole, sage twist, locust, fish pose and palm tree. All the yoga for back pain exercises should be done under supervision of a yoga instructor in order to benefit from it and not cause further damage to your already hurting back.

Another way to use yoga for back pain without an instructor is to get a yoga DVD and follow the instructions precisely; this remedy is usually helpful for those who already have practiced and/or are practicing yoga and thus, know the basics because without knowing the basics and having a back ache you can easily hurt yourself in the process of trying to cure it.

How Long Does It Take To Cure Back Pain With Yoga?

Depending on the damage of your back muscle, it can take anywhere from one session to couple of days when you do yoga for back pain. However, it must be done with good form, which can be taught by a qualified instructor.

However, if your back pain does not ease, or if it gets worse, you should consult a doctor right away for a consultation and alternate remedy. Yoga for back pain is usually very efficient when applied for minor back strains and aches.

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