Understanding High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure is oftentimes referred to as a “silent killer.” This is because a lot of people who have high blood pressure symptoms do not even know that these indicate that they have high blood pressure.

Early High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Early on, when your blood pressure may only be slightly elevated, it is possible for you to have no high blood pressure symptoms. Even if your high blood pressure is caused by an underlying illness, the cause itself is so minor that you may not have any high blood pressure symptoms either. This is why it is so important to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis so that you will know if you really do have high blood pressure. You need to do this because once your blood pressure becomes so high that you are at risk for having either a heart attack or stroke.

Advanced High Blood Pressure Symptoms

If you have high blood pressure there are some high blood pressure symptoms that you can easily recognize. These should act as warning signs as there is more than likely a serious health problem at this time.

One of the most common high blood pressure symptoms includes chronic headaches. You should not simply dismiss this as allergies or sinus problems. Instead, once you start getting these headaches for several days straight you should immediately see your doctor to get your blood pressure checked.

Another of the high blood pressure symptoms that you may experience is dizziness. This is not something that you should simply dismiss as a problem with your eyes. You should also not go to an eye doctor, instead you should go see your family doctor.

Furthermore, if you get shortness of breath you should know that your blood pressure has probably reached a high enough level to be dangerous. This is because shortness of breath is one of the last high blood pressure symptoms that you will experience.

It is a good thing whenever you see these high blood pressure symptoms because at least then you will know that something is wrong with you. While this may not be high blood pressure, at least you will be motivated to see your doctor. Then you will be able to figure out exactly what the problem is. In most cases, these symptoms do mean that you have high blood pressure. Unfortunately though, if you wait too long it may be severe high blood pressure, which you could have avoided by seeing a doctor when you first start to see high blood pressure symptoms.

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