Things To Consider When Taking Blood Pressure Readings

Closely monitoring the blood pressure of a person who is suffering from high blood pressure is very important. If you live with somebody who is suffering from high blood pressure, you should make sure that you know the basic steps about taking blood pressure readings. Always remember that monitoring the blood pressure of a person can prevent some untoward incidents that may have some fatal consequences.

Getting Started

Before you ask somebody to teach on the basic of taking blood pressure readings, you should first get a blood pressure monitor of your own. The good thing about buying a blood pressure monitor is that you will be able to practice taking blood pressure readings from your own monitor. Once you have your own blood pressure monitor, asks a medical practitioner to teach you how to use the monitor.

Although the blood pressure monitor usually comes with a manual of instruction on how to use the monitor, it is always wise to ask help when it comes to taking blood pressure readings. Taking blood pressure readings should never be taken for grated so find a professional who can teach you to use the blood pressure monitor that you bought.

Taking Blood Pressure Readings At Home

When taking blood pressure readings at home, make sure that you do not put the arm band of the monitor on the injured arm of a person. For instance, if the person has an IV or a shunt in one hand, attach the arm band of the blood pressure monitor on the other arm. Always remember that the arm band of the monitor will tighten on the arm of the person so if you attach it on an injured arm, the person will suffer from pain and discomforts.

Take blood pressure readings when the person is relaxed and rested. Note that it is not advisable to take blood pressure readings right after the person had some exercise. Always remember that exercise will affect the amount of blood circulated in the body may give you a false impression that the person is suffering from high blood pressure.

To make sure that the person is relaxed and rested before taking blood pressure reading, ask than person to lie down for at least 2 minutes. Ask that person to take deep breaths and clear his or her mind for a while. Once you are sure that the person is now rested, you can now start taking blood pressure readings.

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