Understanding About Botox Hyperhidrosis: What is Involved

Botox is an incredibly popular and common subject in the world of today, and this is primarily due to the fact that beauty in itself has changed so much, especially in the last decade in particular; more people today are striving to look their best and to be Ĺbeautifulĺ, and this is why the percentage of people getting cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically.

What is Botox Hyperhidrosis?

Botox hyperhidrosis consists of many things actually; hyperhidrosis refers to a condition of abnormally excessive sweating, and this can in fact be generalized, meaning all over, or localized to specific areas, which would most commonly be the axilla (armpits) or the palms. When severe, hyperhidrosis is known to be able to cause significant effects on the quality of a personĺs life, and so this is why it is so important to do something about it.

Botox hyperhydrosis then refers to the use of Botox in order to help the condition of hyperhidrosis; Botox hyperhidrosis blocks the nervous system stimulation of the sweat glands in the armpits or palms, or any other localized areas for that matter. Basically what happens in regards to Botox hyperhidrosis is that the Botox is injected directly into the skin in the area that is sweating excessively.

Then, after this procedure is completed, it will often take a few days, and then significant and often incredibly dramatic reduction in the sweating is seen overall; the duration of the effect is not permanent, however it does last on average about 4-6 months, but then at the same time some patients get up to a year of reduced sweating from an injection, and so it basically depends on your own personal circumstance.

There are many places that you can go to if you are looking to have this procedure done, but you will want to make sure that you consult with your physician before you even consider a procedure of any sort, because your doctor will have to make sure that you are healthy enough and ready for a procedure of the sort.

Remember that you want to take time in your decision, and make sure that you want it and wait until you are fully ready to go through with it. Your doctor will tell you this also, because it is so important and crucial to both your mental and physical well being. Remember all of this, and take it fully into consideration while you are making your decision.

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