Essential Oil Diffusers Are Easy To Use

Don’t be put off by the word "diffuser". It’s just another word for "spreader". What essential oil diffusers do is help spread the smells around the room or vehicle the diffuser is in. They can be as simple or as high tech as you want. They usually don’t come with aromatherapy essential oils. Essential oil diffusers often come in very elegant designs that fit in with any home or vehicle interior décor.

Candle Diffusers

The least expensive and original of essential oil diffusers are what are commonly called “aromatherapy oil lamps”. More and more often, they are being called “essential oil diffusers.” They are small heat resistant lamps that are heated by a tea candle. There’s a space in the middle for the lighted tea candle. The flame heats the top of the candle diffuser. In the top is a small dish of water with six drops of your favorite essential oil in it. You must keep watch over this kind of essential oil diffuser, as the water does evaporate and needs to be refilled periodically.

Car Diffusers

These are the more high tech of the essential oil diffuser family. They are usually made of plastic and various bits of machinery. You snap them on to your dashboard and add essential oil whenever needed. This spreads the scent all over the car, but does not make your car smell like essential oil forever and ever. You have more control of the scent than with a disposable car freshener.

Electric Diffusers

These are becoming more popular as there is isn’t that candle flame business to worry about. However, these essential oil diffusers still need to have their water dish monitored. Instead of a lit tea candle heating the water and oil, it’s a light bulb. These come in many different sizes, colors and styles and are very effective as spreading the scents. How many drops of oil needed depends partially on the size of the room and partially on the electric diffuser’s instructions.

Nebulizer Diffusers

These are low-maintenance and easy to use. They are a little apparatus fitted with a timer that periodically pumps essential oil into the air. They are electric and need to be plugged in and look like a light timer. They are usually small and sort of rectangular and can be kept out of the way. Some brands use a lot more aromatherapy oil than others. Be sure you carefully follow the instructions.

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