Where to Make Your Essential Oil Purchase

If you are interested in making an essential oil purchase, then there are a few companies in particular that you are going to want to become familiar with. After all, although there are certainly many different places that offer these essential oils, only some of them are really worth your business, and it is these options in particular which will be discussed in more detail here.

Your Best Options

When it comes to making an essential oil purchase, one of the best companies you can shop at is the Pure Essential Oils Company, which is a company that offers one of the largest and most varied selections of essential oils in the world. A few of their offered products are: pineapple fragrance oils, lotus fragrance oils, bulk essential oils, and pure absolutes.

Spiritual Scents is another great option available to you here, and they feature wide range of scents and oils, all of which are completely organic and which have no added synthetics or other additives. They offer organic massage oils, pure essential oils, organic carrier oils, oil burners and warmers, and edible massage oils.

What to Remember

Before making any essential oil purchase, there are a few important things that you are going to want to keep in mind. For one, remember that although readily available, the quality of essential oils is going to vary from one vendor to another. There are many poor quality oils out there, which have either been distilled from poor crops or handled improperly.

Remember to watch out for words such as ‘fragrance oil’ or ‘perfume oil’ because these basically indicate that you are not receiving a pure, single essential oil, which is what you really want here.

You also want to avoid any oils that are sold in clear glass bottles, because you will already know right away from this alone that the light that has been able to pass through the bottle has in at least some way damaged the oil inside. Instead you want to only make an essential oil purchase when the oil has been stored in a dark brown container, and aluminum is also acceptable as long as the inside of the bottle is lined.

Finally, avoid buying any essential oils that have a rubber eyedropper bulb in the top, namely because the oil is able to dissolve the rubber dropper and end up becoming contaminated, and also try your best to seek out vendors that promote the testing of their oils and that supply samples for you to try before you actually make any essential oil purchase.

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