The Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil Properties

If you are a fan of oriental food, chances are that you have eaten a variety of dishes with lemongrass in it. Did you know that lemongrass can not only be used in food but that it is popular in aromatherapy and various natural health treatments? The benefits of lemongrass essential oil properties are numerous plus you get the added advantage of a great fragrance too!

Lemongrass essential oil produces a delicate aroma of citrus and is extracted from the lemongrass plant which has long, willowy stalks. Lemongrass essential oil properties include antiseptic, analgesic, antifungal, antimicrobial and even antidepressant effects. This oil can treat a variety of problems such as athlete’s foot, acne, skin rashes, excessive sweating, stress, muscle pain and flatulence.

Excellent Skin Remedies

Among the many benefits of lemongrass essential oil properties are those that treat the skin. Because it has great astringent properties, lemongrass oil helps clear up excessive oily skin which can cause acne outbreaks. In addition, lemongrass is effective as a skin toner because it naturally dilates the blood vessels, tightening pores and wrinkles.

Emotional Well-Being

Lemongrass essential oil properties also extend to creating a sense of emotional well-being, an important attribute to have in this fast-paced world. The light citrusy scent is a great relaxing agent and acts as a type of tranquilizer tamping down on stress, anxiety and even depression. A massage using lemongrass essential oil can be very therapeutic and calming for a tired body with aching muscles.

Elimination of Pesky Critters

You can add insect repellant and anti-fungal agent to the list of lemongrass essential oil properties. For some reason, pesky critters like biting flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks do not like the smell of lemongrass and will avoid it. And because of the antifungal lemongrass essential oil properties, athlete’s foot can be treated and even dandruff, which is sometimes caused by a type of fungus.

Lemongrass is Versatile

There are a variety of other lemongrass essential oil properties which could make your life a lot easier and great smelling to boot. Carry lemongrass essential oil with you on long trips as it will help you fight jetlag and fatigue and even nervousness. It also kick starts the regeneration of ligaments and connective tissues and even improves lymph and blood flow. Because of these positive lemongrass essential oil properties, it has also been prescribed for edema, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and even the retention of fluid.

Digestion and respiratory ailments can also benefit from lemongrass essential oil properties. Really, the versatility of lemongrass is astounding and should be explored for further beneficial properties.

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