The Different Types Of Contact Lens Eye Care

Anybody that wears contact lenses knows the importance of keeping then clean. Dirty contact lenses can lead to eye infections from bacteria and microorganisms that can damage the eye. Proper contact lens eye care is important to maintain clear vision when wearing contact lenses.

Cleaning Solutions

There are a number of different contact lens eye care cleaners that can be used to achieve maximum results and keep bacteria from growing. The most widely used solution for contact lens eye care is an all purpose cleaner that not only disinfects the contact lens, but the lenses can be rinsed and stored in this solution as well. There is a saline solution that is used to rinse the contact lens after it has been disinfected. The saline solution will not disinfect the lens by itself. A daily cleaner must be used in conjunction with the saline solution to achieve optimum results.

A hydrogen peroxide solution is a form of contact lens eye care that people with extremely sensitive or irritable eyes often use. This solution for contact lens eye care is the only solution that effectively kills all bacteria that can form on a contact lens. Hydrogen peroxide comes in a one or two step solution. The contact lens is soaked in the hydrogen peroxide in a special case that contains a special disk that will cause the hydrogen peroxide to evaporate after six hours so the contact lens can be rinsed with a saline solution and put into the eye. Contact lenses that are soaked in hydrogen peroxide must not be put directly into the eye because they will burn your eye.

To use this type of contact lens eye care you must follow the directions very closely so you do not cause yourself any discomfort. One of the most important forms of contact lens eye care is the enzymatic cleaner. This is a cleaner typically used once a week to help remove calcium deposits from contact lenses. Calcium buildup on the eye is not a good thing and can lead to other eye issues further down the line. The enzymatic cleaner should be used even if an all purpose solution is your cleaner of choice.

But the best way to avoid any of these potential contact lens eye care problems is to have disposable contact lenses. Disposable lenses give you the opportunity to wear them for a few days or a couple of weeks and then throw them away, eliminating any threat of eye infections or calcium buildup on the eye or the contact lenses. Every individual person and eye is different and contact lenses should be worn and cleaned in the manor that is best suited to your individual needs.

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