The New Look of Punk: Emo Hair

If you are beyond your high school and college years, the term “emo” might not mean much to you. However, if you belong to this age group or if you are the parent of teens, you might be aware that emo hair has become the modern punk look of today. The term “emo” is actually short for the word “emotional” and was first used to describe a genre of music. Now emo is used to describe everything from music, to hair, to clothing styles. One of the most popular aspects of this trend is the new hair styles that are referred to as emo hair.

The Basic Emo Hair Style

Emo hair can be long or short, and sleek or spiked. The one predominant characteristic of this type of hairstyle is that it is usually dyed black. This being said, another key characteristic of this look is that there is plenty of room for an individual statement, so you will see emo hair that is brown or blonde as well. One of the most popular color combinations is a jet black dye in the front of the hair, with the back section bleached blonde. This lighter area can either be worn straight down or spike up, depending on the wearer’s preference.

Another common denominator of the emo hair is long bangs that are generally swept over one eye, usually the right one. The bangs should be long enough to fully cover the front of the eye, and part of the face as well. Many will use a gel to keep the bang swept into place, as well as to tease and spike the back of the hair if desired. The look can be spiked and messy, or sleek and smooth, as long as these major features of color and long bangs are included.

How to get Emo Hair

Because emo hair cuts have become so popular, it is fairly easy to find a stylist or a salon that can create one for you. Many who wear their hair in this style prefer to do their cuts themselves, or have friends who also wear the style do the hair cuts for them. This hair style tends to work best on people with thinner hair, so if you have a thicker head, you might want to go to a salon that can thin your locks out before styling them. Highlights can also be added to emo hair, and some of the most popular color choices are red or purple – although just about any outrageous color will fit the bill.

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