How You Can Have the Hilary Duff Sedu Hair Style

If you are a teenager, chances are that there are several actresses whose style you like to emulate in some way. Hilary Duff is an example of an actress that has a chic style in how she dresses, as well as in how she wears her hair. Thus, it comes as no surprise that people want to capture her look with the Hilary Duff Sedu hair style.

About the Hilary Duff Sedu Hair Style

Hilary Duff has several different hair style looks that she likes. When she was younger, Hilary liked to make her hair more wavy, but as she has gotten older she develops a more classic look, and this involves wearing her hair straight, hence the Hilary Duff Sedu hair style.

So, what exactly is the Hilary Duff Sedu hair style? Actually, there is no one answer to that question, because while the Hilary Duff Sedu hair style involves having straight hair, the straight hair can be worn in a variety of ways.

For example, Hilary Duff is often seen wearing her hair down long, with her bangs swept off to one side. This look was first made popular in the 1960s, and is now making quite a comeback. In order to get this Hilary Duff Sedu hair style, first of all you have to have long bangs, otherwise the hair style will not work.

Once you have straightened your hair, comb your bangs forward, and decide which side you would like to sweep them over too. Once you have decided, take a comb and gently sweep your bangs over to that side, securing the end behind your ear with a hairpin or two. You can make the look a bit more fancy for formal occasions by adding various hair accessories.

If you want the look with the bangs, but want to put your hair up (as Hilary does sometimes) try a twist bun, which is basically putting your hair in a low ponytail and twisting it up, securing it with hairpins along the way. It should be noted, however, that this look will work best for those who do not have layers.

For more Hilary Duff hair styles, search for pictures of her on the internet, especially pictures she has done for magazines. With the proper research, as the as the proper practice, you are sure to be able to effortlessly create Hilary Duff’s hair styles on your hair.

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