Removing Black Hair Dye Can Best Be Accomplished by Professionals

To create a more dramatic look, people often tend to dye their hair black which, for some skin tones, creates a very flattering picture that most people desire to have. Even then, for people that do not have naturally very dark hair, dyeing the hair black can often be a mistake that they are better off without. In addition, removing black hair dye is often very difficult given the fact that black hair dye is one of the most difficult colors to remove from the hair.

Clings to Hair and Penetrates the Hair Shaft

The pigment found in black hair dyes is extremely saturated which makes it cling to the strands of the hair and also penetrates deep into the hair shaft. Once a person dyes the hair black and changes his or her mind and wishes to remove the black hair dye, it is certainly going to be difficult since it is not as easy as simply applying a new hair color treatment.

The process of removing black hair dye usually begins with bleaching out the black hair pigments, which is often a lengthy process that can adversely affect the person’s hair by causing the hair to weaken. Once a new layer of bleaching is used, the user will notice a change in the color of his or her hair which may turn red, orange and finally, white.

When the color turns to a light shade, it is time to add hair coloring that is close to the person’s natural hair color. It may require an experienced hand. For those without much experience, a trip to a salon may be required to remove the remaining black color from the hair. Such salons will use professional strength bleaches as well as color removers and also be able to treat as well as condition the hair following the harsh process of removing black hair dye from the hair.

One can also visit the supermarket or a department store to find products that are designed to remove hair color, and these may also be used besides bleaching products. Products such as Color Fix and Color Zap come to mind and are well are worth a shot. The instructions on these products should be followed closely prior to use.

Color Fix by Jheri Redding has been designed to remove unwanted permanent hair colors. Another option is L’Oreal’s Color Zap that gently washes away permanent hair colors, and is most suitable for color correction, and removing dark shades as well. Nevertheless, most experts agree that removing black hair dye is not the easiest thing to do and is best performed by professionals.

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