How to Get the Right Sedu Short Hair Style

You have unmanageable long hair, and you know itís time for a change. As a result, youíre thinking of cutting your hair short and getting some use out of your Sedu hair straightener. Once you do cut your hair, there are plenty of things that you can do with your Sedu short hair style.

About Sedu Short Hair Styles

A common misconception about short hair styles and hair straighteners is that hair can often bee too short to straighten. If you have hair that is at least a couple of inches long, you can straighten your hair, and this is where the Sedu short hair style comes in.

First of all, if you have short hair and a wider face that you would like to have appear smaller, then you should choose a Sedu short hair style that includes wisps of hair that frame your face. Begin by washing your hair and drying it thoroughly.

Once you have dried your hair, what you do next is determined by the kind of hair you have. If you have hair with little volume, then apply a volumizing gel to your hair and continue to straighten it. Focus more on straightening the ends of your hair, and also apply more gel once you have finished straightening your hair.

If you have flyaway hair, you will first need to apply a small amount of a smoothing serum to your hair to tame the flyaways. Do not apply more than that small amount, because otherwise your hair will feel greasy. The heat from the hair straightener is what will make this serum in your Sedu short hair style work.

If you have surly hair, be sure that you brush it out first before you start straightening your hair. This way, after you straighten your hair, you will be free from tangles. It is important to note that you should not brush your hair after you straighten it, since it will result in your hair losing its straightness.

For more information on the kinds of Sedu short hair styles you can try, talk to your hairdresser. Or, you can search the internet for more ideas, since there are many websites that provide hair style tips. You can also ask family and friends, that use a Sedu hair straightener and have short hair, for advice. With the proper research you are sure to find the look that is right for your hair.

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