Short Hair Styles that will Work for You

If you are considering a major change in the appearance department, perhaps a shorter hair style will help you to achieve the look that you are seeking. Short hair styles work well on nearly any woman, as long as you are careful to select a style that will work with your hair type and facial shape. Keep in mind if you are going from a long to short look that short hair styles tend to need regular trims more often to keep the style looking its best. This means getting a trim every six weeks or so, while a longer style has the tendency to be able to go a little longer between visits to the beauty shop.

Which of the Short Hair Styles is best for you?

Before you head to the salon for your new hair cut, you need to decide which style will work best with the shape of your face. If you are lucky enough to have an oval-shaped face, you can go with just about any of the short hair styles that are in fashion today. However, if your face is heart-shaped, you would do well to keep the volume of your hair style at the base of your neck, with less on top of your head. A round face, on the other hand, will require more volume on top and less on the sides to help narrow the facial lines. Square faces require a bit of softening with some wispy layers to add femininity. A style that is too harsh or structured will look masculine on this face shape.

What about Hair Type?

There is a short hair style for just about any hair type. Fine hair can be given volume through layers as well as styling products like mousse that can give your limp do a much needed boost. Thick hair might require a short hair style that includes some razor techniques to thin your hair and a slightly longer length to avoid the “bowl” look on your head. Curly hair can look great short, as long as you stick with a wavy bob or use a styling aid that will offer sleekness to an overly curly do. Your best bet is to talk with your stylist about your face shape and hair type before selecting the best short-hair style for you.

Maintaining your New Short Hair Style

Maintaining short hair styles can be as easy as selecting the right products for your hair and sticking with a regular schedule for trims. Highlights look great on short hair styles, because they can add light and interest to your new do. If you are unsure of which products to use for the best results in styling your short hair, talk to your stylist about the right styling products for you.

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