Why the Solia Pink Hair Straightener is a Fun Hair Tool

You are a stylish girl, and you like to surround yourself with fashionable beauty products. You love colorful things too, and so you would be happy to know that now there is a hair straightener that you can include in your beauty supply: the Solia pink hair straightener.

About the Solia Pink Hair Straightener

The thing about hair straighteners is that they are quite useful for hair styling purposes, but they are not usually particularly attractive. Thus, after use they are often stored away in a closet. This would not be the case with the Solia Pink hair straightener.

When you think about the colors that hair straighteners are, there are generally only three of them: white, silver, and black. Many people might think that it is enough to have a hair straightener that does its job, regardless of whether it actually looks nice. However, there is more to the Solia pink hair straightener than just its looks.

The Solia pink hair straightener has tourmaline minerals in the ceramic plates of the hair straightener. While ceramic hair straighteners are popular in hair salons, hair stylists often caution against using them all the time.

This is because the heat from the straightener will dry out the natural oils in your hair. Because of the tourmaline minerals in the Solia pink hair straightener, the heat’s long-term damaging effects are subdued, meaning that the straightener can be used on a fairly regular basis without drying out the hair.

It should be noted that if you are a person that likes to use a hair straightener on a regular basis, do your hair a favor and only use a hair straightener when it is absolutely necessary. Other than that, use gel to enhance your wavy hair, or pull it back for a formal look.

The Solia pink hair straightener is a limited edition hair straightener that represents the pink ribbon symbolizing the fight against breast cancer. In addition to supporting that, this hair straightener is extremely versatile since it is only 1” thick. This means that this hair straightener is ideal to pack while traveling.

Since the Solia pink hair straightener is only available for a short amount of time, the best way to purchase one would be either through a local beauty supply store, or through a secure internet website. If you are looking for a hair tool that supports a good cause and is efficient at the same time, choose the Solia pink hair straightener.

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