Using Homeopathic Suppression To Cure Diseases

When using traditional medications, doctors often consider the suppression of symptoms as a positive step in treatment. If the symptoms completely disappear while using the medication, it is considered a success. However homeopathic suppression most often not only relieves the symptoms, as it is useful in curing the disease as well.

The theory behind homeopathic medicine is to treat the illness using a diluted strain of the disease that caused the symptoms to appear. For example, it was proven in homeopathic trials that Beryllium metallicum caused mouth ulcers in healthy patient volunteers. By using this same substance, in a vastly diluted form not only realized homeopathic suppression of the ulcers, but also eliminated the cause. The philosophy of like cures like is a standing procedure in finding homeopathic suppression remedies.

Homeopaths believe that by introducing a diluted version of the disease into a patient it will eradicate the disease, and the first signs of homeopathic suppression of symptoms of the disease offer the same result as those in modern medicine. Only in modern medicine, physicians are satisfied if the symptoms are relieved without worrying as much about the underlying cause of the symptoms.

Treating Whole Body Is Key To Natural Cure

With homeopathic suppression relieving symptoms, it is believed the symptoms disappear due to the eradication of the core causes. It is also believed that any infection found in the body is caused by something in the body being out of tune with the rest of the body and by bringing all systems in the body back into harmony, homeopathic suppression of the symptoms and the disease can be achieved.

The idea of using like curing like came about in the late 1700’s when a noted physician began to wonder about the invasive nature of medicine during that time. Bloodletting and purging were popular for eliminating disease-causing germs from the system. He discovered that many of the substances that could cause a disease, if diluted and became part of the water into which it was introduced, it could also sure the disease. The homeopathic suppression theory continues today with many practitioners continuing to battle for acceptance among the modern medicinal world.

Among the benefits touted by those believing in homeopathic suppression include all natural and safe ingredients, no side effects often experienced by users of chemical drugs and the availability of the safe ingredients to just about everyone. This allows homeopathic remedies to created in the home in a safe environment will little or no danger on dosage control.

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