The Science Of Homeopathy Slowly Becoming Accepted

During the late 1700’s, when doctors still believed in bloodletting and purging to cure every known symptom, one German physician was rejecting the notion that diseases were caused by outside influence. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann believed that all parts of the body worked together to create a harmony and that by using a diluted form of any disease could combat the disease and bring the body back into harmony. This initial theory about the science of homeopathy still exists today, but is usually shunned by those practicing traditional medicine.

Homeopathic practitioners still believe that using only safe, natural ingredients at a vastly diluted dosage can provide a safe alternative to the chemicals used in modern medicine. The usually 100 to one dilution achieved through a process called succession, leaves barely a trace of the original ingredients, rather the science of homeopathy sees the curing effects of the ingredients being transferred into the water, once the process is complete, without no potential for side effects existing.

Many biologists and those in traditional science cannot get their mind around the process as they see it only as having a placebo effect. Since no real trace of the original ingredients are found in the final solution, the detractor’s claim is that the science of homeopathy borders on quackery.

Believers Are Hard Pressed To Convince

For the patients who have benefited from the science of homeopathy, it will be hard to convince their alternative medical procedures cannot work. Additionally, the thought of a vital power working in harmony with the body is a major part of the belief in the science of homeopathy. Again, traditionalists find this hypothetical power to be nothing more than a theory with no facts on which it is based.

Whether the science of homeopathy actually works is a matter of discussion and dissention between traditional practitioners of modern medicine and those who have studied its use and have seen the effects over the years. They say that keeping the body in proper balance helps it heal itself. By using the science of homeopathy, providing natural products, mostly botanicals to give the body the means with which to affect its own cure is the strength on which the science of homeopathy is built.

For many years modern medicine has used the philosophy of nature being able to influence the treatment of many diseases. The major difference is that with the science of homeopathy the treatment is aimed at the cause of the symptoms while most modern medicine practitioners aim to cure the symptoms to give the patient relief.

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