Understanding Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The ovaries began to produce less estrogen hormones at the time in a womans life called menopause. During this time the ovaries secrete less of the female hormone that regulates the system. The resulting conditions can be very problematic and uncomfortable for many women. Some women go to the doctor and are placed on hormones. Others began taking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Standard treatment in the past has been for women to begin taking synthetic hormones. The hormones were similar to the estrogen produced by the womans own body in molecular structure but not exactly the same. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy involves estrogen replacement chemicals that mimic exactly the molecular structure of the hormones from the womans body.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been said to be in some studies safer than the standard treatments that have been used for years though both types of replacement hormones can have risks. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is used to supplement the natural hormones of the body such as testosterone, progesterone and estradiol.

Where Do They Come From

The products used in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy include soy products and yams. These vegetables have chemicals that can be made to be similar to our natural hormones. Sometimes this therapy uses animal steroid products as well but the most important component of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is that the hormones molecular structure is exactly the same as the natural bodys hormones.

How Are They Used

One of the most important features of the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy products is that some of these products can be applied topically as creams and patches. Concern with traditional hormone replacement therapy has been that taking it orally could either dilute it or cause it to build up in the system in a more dangerous level than naturally so. Also convention hormone replacement therapy has the added problems of increased risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke

All bioidentical hormone replacement therapy products are not necessarily found in the health or herbal store some or prescription as well. It is just important to note that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy products are sometimes called natural hormones. They have their benefits and risks as well.

Hormone replacement is important consideration. Seek expert advice when making your health decisions. New advancements are being made all the time in the study of the human endocrine system and new and more effective products are being created to help reduce the risks. See your health care professional for advice.

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