Pregnancy And The HCG Hormone

If you are, or think you may be pregnancy, or maybe just want to know more about pregnancy hormones and the initial stage of this natural process, it is essential that you read up on the hcg hormone. This hormone plays a very important part in the stages of pregnancy and attaining pregnancy.

Below is some information on the hcg hormone that may be helpful to you if you or someone you know wants information on pregnancy, or if you are just interested in how a simple pregnancy test can turn out:

What Is HCG?

The hcg hormone, or human chorionic gonadotrapin hormone is a hormone that is created by the placenta that preserves the corpus luteum during pregnancy. It is composed of about 250 amino acides to form a protein chain. The affects of this hormone depends upon what other hormones it interacts with.

What HCG Does

The hcg hormone interacts with another hormone LHCG that encourages the sustenance of corpus luteum in the beginning stages of pregnancy. In this interaction, the placenta releases a secretion of progesterone, which enriches the lining of the uterus with blood vessels and capillaries. In turn, this production helps to support the growing fetus that is within the uterus. It is also believed that morning sickness is brought on by hcg, as this protective hormone can have a negative interaction with the immunity cells of the mother.

Testing And Working For Pregnancy

Aside for providing sustenance to a growing fetus, the hcg hormone plays an important part in testing for pregnancy. A pregnancy test measures the amount of hcg in urine or blood to determine if an embryo is present or not. To best determine the result, the pregnancy test should be administered in the morning, when the hcg hormone is at its highest level. The hcg hormone can also be used to initiate the ovulation process for women who are trying IVF (invitro fertilization). The hcg hormone is injected into the woman, and about 45 hours afterwards the eggs are recovered from the ovaries.

Very Important In Determining And Preserving Pregnancy

As listed above, the hcg hormone plays a very important part in determining and preserving pregnancy. Although the science of how hcg works may seem complex, it is essential to know that a simple urine test can predict pregnancy just by the levels of hcg in your system.

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