How To Hold A Lingerie Contest

If you and your girlfriends are very daring, then perhaps you may want to consider holding a lingerie contest. A lingerie contest can be a lot of fun for everyone involved, and not only that but you can even offer to give away beautiful designer lingerie as the prize. If you are interested in holding a lingerie contest, then there are several steps you are going to have to take first.


The first step is figuring out how many people you are going to invite and who those people are going to be. If you and your friends are a bit more timid and would rather keep it confined to a close event, then you can choose to only invite a few good friends. However if everyone is more open then you can make it a grand event, with even fifty to one hundred people, if you wish. The sky is really the limit.

You also want to consider that the more people you invite, the better off you will be because even if there are a few people who are too shy to come, there will be plenty more who are not. Yet at the same time you want to keep your closest friends’ preferences in mind the most, so if the whole neighborhood is interested in coming but your closest friends are not because they are too shy or uncomfortable, then out of respect you may want to just keep the lingerie contest on the smaller side.

Where To Hold The Party

You will have to decide on a location that you can hold the party at, where the winner of the contest will be decided and announced. You can either hold it at someone’s home, depending on how large the contest is going to be, or you can rent out a hall or building, if you are expecting a lot of guests.

Deciding On The Prizes

One of the most important parts to any contest in general, including a lingerie contest, is to decide on what the prizes are going to be. If the party is going to be larger with more people attending then you can make everyone pay a bit of money to get in and then use that money to go towards the prize so that it can be more extravagant. Or you can simply spend a couple dollars and get something for fun that the person wearing the sexiest or most creative costume will win, for instance.

You can really put whatever spin you want on a lingerie contest, the most important thing is that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

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