The Trend Of Older Women Wearing Lingerie

Everyone eventually gets older, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop living. These days, older Americans are enjoying a longer life and more freedom to do the things that they want to do. Many couples are staying together longer as well and widowers are dating the widows. This has led to the trend of older women wearing lingerie.

About The Lingerie

Lingerie for older women can be found in many department stores and specialty shops that sell lingerie. Typically grouped together in a set area, these lingerie items look much the same as any other lingerie item. Older women wearing lingerie do not want to look old fashioned, but they do want their items to be comfortable, non-restrictive, and easy to wear. If the lingerie is not perfect in those three areas, chances are they will not be sold.

Lingerie for older women is typically made of cotton or silk with vibrant colors and enchanting designs. The items are made to flow instead of fit closely to the body and they usually have a matching robe to accompany it. Older women wearing lingerie love the freedom of movement that comes with wearing these items and the feel of the fabric against their skin makes them feel alluring. Their mates do not mind the look or the feel of the fabric either.

Helpful Tips

Any older women wearing lingerie should know to try on the items at the store before purchase to avoid having to return an ill fitting item. If unsure about the size, take one of each size into the fitting room and try them both on. The lingerie should be comfortable, allowing for unrestricted movement and should be made of a light breathable fabric. Ensure that the buttons or hooks are not too small for your hands to handle and that they are located conveniently for ease of use. If the item makes you feel uncomfortable or you are uneasy wearing it, it may be best left on the rack.

The trend of older women wearing lingerie will continue as many individuals are enjoying longer life and wanting loving companionship. As many baby boomers are just now reaching their senior years, lingerie companies should expect that many of these women will be looking for items suited to their station and situation in life. If one company does not appeal to the market, the next one may and the company that the older women wearing lingerie chooses stands to make a great deal of money from catering to their needs.

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