A New and Improved You: Arm Liposuction

Most women have a particular area that they refer to as their "problem area". That one area that they would do anything to fix. For many women, this area is the upper arms. Many women feel that their arms are too bulky, too disproportionate with the rest of their body, not toned enough, or that the skin is too saggy. One solution to this dilemma is arm liposuction. Arm liposuction is especially popular among women. It can help to inspire confidence in a woman and help her to feel more comfortable and attractive when wearing short-sleeved tops, bathing suits, and tank tops. The main goals of the arm liposuction surgery are to improve an armís disproportionate appearance as compared to the rest of the body, to inspire the patient to feel more comfortable and less self-conscious while wearing a short sleeved or sleeveless blouse, and finally to achieve a thinner appearance of the arms, especially when the arms are in a relaxed position. The goal of the surgery should not be to remove as much fat as possible. This can result in skinny, disproportionate arms.

All about Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction is usually performed in about two to four hours, and it is generally performed as an outpatient surgery. This means that it usually is not necessary for a patient to stay in the hospital during recovery. Arm liposuction is usually done using a local anesthetic, and so the pain involved is usually minimal. Recovery is fairly quick, usually lasting from one to three weeks. Generally, patients can return to work one week after the surgery, although each doctor will have a different recommendation.

Arm liposuction is one of the liposuction procedures with the highest success and satisfaction rate. However, one of the things that can go wrong during arm liposuction is that the surgeon can remove too much fat. Besides looking unnaturally thin, this will give the arm a bumpy appearance. The bumpy appearance will only be enhanced if the patient gains any weight.

So if your "problem area" is your arms, then consider arm liposuction. The procedure is fairly quick, the recovery time is fairly short, and the majority of the people are satisfied with the results. Are you ready to wear that bikini this summer? Are you tired of hiding your arms under long sleeved shirts? Give arm liposuction a try! You wonít regret taking this step to becoming the new and improved you.

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