Tips in Finding a Liposuction Alternative

Liposuction, which is one of the most popular surgical procedures in shaping the body, works by removing the fats from certain areas such as hips, thighs, knees, buttocks or abdomen. Since liposuction could produce side effects and minor complications, many people are looking for liposuction alternatives to keep the fats away without surgery.

A liposuction alternative that is recommended by most doctors includes a combination of exercise and a proper diet program. However, for those who cannot fulfill a healthy diet and regular exercise, several non-surgical liposuction alternatives could provide outstanding fat reduction results.

However, be aware that each liposuction alternative available in body contouring services does not include anesthesia, various surgical risks and weeks of recovery. You have a choice if you want Lipodissolve, Mesotherapy, Thermage or Liposelection. Prices for these liposuction alternatives vary from one case to the next.

Understanding the Available Liposuction Alternatives

For people who really wish to get rid of excess fats without surgery, you could choose from several liposuction alternatives to do the job. While the results may not be as instant as liposuction, these non-surgical options reduce risks, recovery time and costs.

Lipodissolve is a procedure wherein the areas with unwanted fats will be injected with enzymes and medications, which causes fat to dissolve and flushed out of the system through oneís urine. Although lipodissolve is similar to mesotherapy, another liposuction alternative, lipodissolve is more recommended for removing excess fats on the face, especially the neck and chin areas.

If you need to work other areas aside from the neck and chin, another liposuction alternative called mesotherapy can be your next option. This 50-year-old procedure has been used in reducing cellulite without surgery. Through this non-surgical liposuction alternative, the patient will be injected a combination of medications, holistic compounds and amino acids to dissolve unwanted fatty tissues.

Thermage, on the other hand, is a liposuction alternative that uses heated lasers to tighten the patientís collagen or skin on different areas of the body as well as the face. Used commonly for an alternative for face lifts, the Thermage is a pain-free, liposuction alternative without undergoing surgery.

If you want to try ultrasound technology, Liposelection can be your answer in softening and removing unwanted fats painlessly and without a recovery period. This treatment works by filling the fatty areas with saline solution to restrict the patientís blood flow while breaking the fat tissues. Ultrasound energy will be transmitted into the area for softening the fats and then taken out using massage and suction.

You should be aware that these liposuction alternatives are not yet approved and the only proven method of removing fat cells is liposuction. However, these alternatives could work for patients who require small corrective treatments.

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