Liposuction for Men

Whenever you think about cosmetic surgery, usually you think of the patient as being a woman. And for a long time, that’s how it was. But men are now beginning to realize the ways that they can benefit from liposuction for men. In fact, liposuction for men may be becoming even more popular and common that liposuction for women. Find out all the details about liposuction for men—why more and more men are doing it, what the most common trouble spots are, and what are the differences between liposuction for men and liposuction for women. Men are just now becoming aware of liposuction and all of the ways that they can benefit from it. But why do they want to have liposuction for men? One reason that men are eager to have the procedure done is the competitive business world. Some men feel that if they look more professional, they will make a better impression and thus be able to move up more easily. Additionally, many businesses tend to hire younger employees; many men are having liposuction for men in order to appear younger. Another reason that men are turning to liposuction for men is that obesity is on the rise in America, and in cases of severe obesity, ultrasonic obesity may be one of the only solutions.

What Are the Most Common Areas For Men To Get Liposuction?

The three most common areas for men to receive liposuction are in the abdomen, neck, and loin. As people grow older, fat deposits tend to relocate themselves. In women, fat gravitates towards the butt, thighs, and hips. In men, it is more common for fat to relocate to the back of the neck, the abdomen, and in the loin (where the fat appears in the form of love handles). Love handles are by far one of the most common reasons that men choose liposuction for men. They are nearly impossible to get rid of through diet or exercise, and so many men turn to liposuction in order to remove them.

How Is Liposuction For Men Different Than Liposuction For Women?

There are some technical differences between liposuction for men and liposuction for women. One example of such a difference is that men’s skin tends to be thicker, and they have facial hair as well. This means that there is a greater blood supply, which means a greater risk of bleeding during the surgery but a better recovery rate.

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