Why Liposuction for Weight Loss Is a Bad Idea

If you are overweight or obese, you may be looking for the easy way out. You might think that you have tried almost everything diet, exercise, weight loss pills if you are running out of options, you are probably frustrated and ready to consider just about anything. Many overweight or obese people think that liposuction for weight loss is the perfect solution to their problem. After all, they think, all you have to do is go in for a simple liposuction for weight loss procedure and when you walk out, all the fat will be gone. There are several qualifications that make someone a good candidate for liposuction. First of all, the person should be over the age of eighteen. They should also be in good general health, meaning that they do not have diabetes, a heart condition, or any type of infection. The final, and perhaps most important quality that makes you a good candidate for liposuction, is that you are of normal weight but have a few trouble spots that you want to fix. Many people think that a good candidate for liposuction is someone who needs to lose ten or fifteen pounds, but the opposite is actually true. This is why liposuction for weight loss is not a good idea.

Why Not Me?

If you are overweight or obese and were considering getting liposuction for weight loss performed, you may be wondering—why not me? Well, there is one main reason why liposuction is generally performed on people of a normal weight with a few trouble spots. These people generally have firm skin, unlike people who are overweight. Because the liposuction procedure is most successful on people who have firm skin, doctors generally recommend that people who are overweight or obese do not have liposuction for weight loss performed. They are not likely to see the same results as people of normal weight; their surgery will most likely result in loose, baggy skin. This can lead to other medical problems.

Overall, liposuction for weight loss is a bad idea because liposuction is a shaping procedure, not a weight loss procedure. However, anyone considering liposuction or liposuction for weight loss should consult their doctor before having any kind of surgery performed. The doctor will be able to tell you all the risks associated with liposuction for weight loss and give you a better projection of the results you might see. Who knows—perhaps you are an ideal candidate after all.

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