Liposuction Recovery Time After Surgery

So you took the risk: You had the liposuction procedure performed. The procedure went smoothly; there were no complications. So now what? Here is your guide to liposuction recovery time and recovering from your liposuction procedure. Liposuction recovery time is amazing because you recover at a fairly quick rate. You will be able to get up and walk around easily immediately after the surgery—few patients have to leave the hospital in a wheel chair. Someone else should drive you home, and once you are at home you should relax, although you are not confined to your bed. You are allowed to shower, but you should not take a bath for at least a week. The night after liposuction, most patients usually sleep fairly peacefully. The next morning, however, is when most patients start to experience slight discomfort. This normally goes away as the patients walk around and move about the house.

Stages of Recovery

During the first seventy-two hours after the liposuction surgery, you will most likely observe some drainage from the incisions that the doctors do not stitch. The doctors do not stitch these incisions because swelling tends to go down more quickly if the doctors do not stitch the incisions. However, you should allow the incisions to drain as quickly as possible in order to speed up the healing process. The dressings on your incisions should be changed frequently during your liposuction recovery time, especially during the first twenty-four hours. By the third day, only band-aids will need to be used. Bruising and swelling also tend to occur after liposuction; the bruises and swelling will fade or go down within the next two to three weeks of your liposuction recovery time.

By the third day of liposuction recovery time, many people are out and about running errands. At this time, the spot that the surgery was performed on may feel a little tender if you bump it. Most doctors recommend that you wear a compression garment for the first several days after your surgery.

Tips for a Speedy Recovery

To have a quicker liposuction recovery time, there are a few things you can do. First, you should drink adequate amounts of water to prevent dehydration, but avoid alcoholic beverages for forty-eight hours before and after surgery. Also make sure to wear your compression garments to prevent slow healing and excessive drainage. So relax, take it easy, and have a speedy liposuction recovery time!

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