Examining Your Liposuction Risk

Liposuction: you’ve heard the horror stories, seen the results, and now, it’s time to make an educated decision. Is liposuction right for you? Many people choose liposuction to improve their appearance, and are quite happy with the results. Others do not consider liposuction because they feel that the liposuction risk out weighs the possible benefits. In order to make your own personal decision, you must first learn all about liposuction risk. How likely the complications and what are are they? Is death a possibility? Read on to find out all about liposuction risk. There are many complications and liposuction risk—so many; in fact, that a lot of people don’t consider having the procedure because they are afraid of what could go wrong. Firstly, infections, which could occur after any surgery, could possibly occur after liposuction. Your physician might prescribe an antibiotic to you if you choose to have liposuction, but not all doctors do this.

Complications and Risks

You should keep the wound or wounds clean, but even if you do, you could still get an infection from the surgery. These infections can be serious or life threatening. Some examples of serious infections that can occur as a result of liposuction are necrotizing fascitis (when bacteria eat away at the tissue) or toxic shock syndrome, a serious, sometimes fatal infection caused by bacteria that is associated with surgery.

Another liposuction risk is embolism, which can occur when fat is loosened and enters the blood through broken blood vessels during liposuction. This can cause permanent disability or even be fatal in certain cases. Another possible liposuction risk is for the doctor to puncture or damage internal organs during liposuction, which can be fatal as well. Some patients experience increased sensitivity to pain in the area that was operated on, or numbness in the area. These changes in sensitivity can, in some cases, be permanent. If a fluid imbalance occurs after the surgery, it can lead to heart problems, excess fluid collecting in the lungs, or kidney problems. Many people also experience complications from the use of anesthesia.

Is There A Risk of Death?

It is possible to die during or after a liposuction procedure, some estimates are as low as 3 deaths for every 100,000 liposuction operations performed. Other estimates say that between 20 and 100 deaths per 100,000 liposuction procedures occur. It is hard to know exactly how many deaths occur as a result of liposuction, but it is a definite possibility.

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