Liposuction Side Effects

Liposuction has become a widely performed procedure throughout the world, especially in the United States. Although it originated among celebrities (probably because they were the only ones who could afford it), its popularity has rapidly spread to the rest of America. Liposuction is viewed as a quick fix to your body problems. Hate your love handles? Get liposuction! Think your thighs are too fat? Give liposuction a try! Do you want flat, toned abs? Ask your doctor about liposuction, but many people don’t know about the dangerous liposuction side effects that can occur as a result of the surgery. There are many negative liposuction side effects. A side effect is different from a complication or risk because it is relatively minor. However, liposuction side effects can be annoying, uncomfortable, and possibly painful. One possible liposuction side effects is bruising. Bruising can be extremely painful. However, this is only a short term side effect, and any bruises should fade after a few weeks. Swelling is another possible side effect of liposuction. Swelling should gradually subside over the month or two following your liposuction surgery. You may also have scars from your liposuction procedure.

More Side Effects Included

The scars will differ in size depending on the particular procedure you had performed, and they should fade over the weeks following your surgery. Some individual may get more scars than others, because scarring is hereditary and your tendency to get scars depends on genetics. Some people might find that it takes a year for their scars to fade. Another liposuction side effects is pain. Any pain you experience after your liposuction surgery should be temporary, and you should be able to easily control the pain by taking either over-the-counter medication, or by a pain-killer medication prescribed to you by your doctor.You may experience persisting numbness; this liposuction side effects could last for a few weeks.

Finally, your mobility will be somewhat limited after the liposuction procedure is performed. Exactly how limited your mobility will be depends on the scale and nature of the surgery that was performed. Some factors that could limit your mobility after liposuction surgery include: keeping the head elevated, wearing a compression garment, and experiencing temporary swelling or pain. As with any type of surgery or procedure, the patient should consult their doctor about whether or not the liposuction side effects are worth experiencing for the results they will achieve. Some may decide it is worth—others may not. The decision will vary depending on the individual.

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