Looking Into The Validity of Liposuction Procedures Without Surgery

Liposuction without surgery sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. For most of the past few decades, the only proven surgical method for successfully removing deposits of fat has been liposuction. Without surgery, diet and exercise have been the two faithful trail horses. You could not succeed in one without the other.

Certain diet programs, such as Atkins, The Zone, South Beach, and Jenny Craig have become very popular in recent years. They have all heralded claims of pounds being melted away. Diet pills have long been an area of debate, as whether or not they actually work. Most people view them as scams to dupe desperate people into spending way too much money.

Something About Winged Pigs And Hades

Is there such a thing as liposuction without surgery? While some experts will give you an emphatic "no", there are some methods that are being tested for their effectiveness:

1) A drug known as Lipostabil that is supposed to be able to dissolve fatty tissue when and wherever injected. One particular argument states that one cannot know the exact amount of tissue this drug is washing away. You can do too little, or too much. Also, it is currently not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

2) Another liposuction option without surgery is mesotherapy. This is very popular in Europe and South America for its claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Mesotherapy is a type of massage that also uses amino acids and natural medications which are injected into the problems areas in order to dissolve away fat. The needles are very small, so the injection sites so almost unnoticed and there is little pain.

3) Lipodissolve is another drug combination that was created to make the fat go bye-bye. Chemicals aid in flushing out the body; for a sleeker and more slender you. It seems to be most effective in firming up the face and neck. Lipodissolve is also very helpful in combating cellulite.

4) Thermage is another possibility to have the look of liposuction without having the surgery. This particular procedure may get you a little hot under the collar; surgeons employ the use of lasers to almost literally melt away the fight and tighten skin. Because of the latter side effect, Thermage is sometimes used as a less evasive option for face lift patients.

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