A Migraine Diet Can Provide Relief from Throbbing Pain

A migraine headache is more than regular headache pain. A migraine headache brings unbearable, throbbing pain along with nausea, possibly vomiting and blurred vision. A migraine headache makes normal, daily activities difficult, and these headaches can last a few hours or a few days. For many years, there was not much relief that a sufferer could find from the symptoms of these headaches. More recently, there have been new drugs and nasal sprays developed which have brought relief from this ailment. There has also been research to help people lessen the effects of these awful headaches.

The research has also shown that certain foods in the diet may trigger the onset of migraine headaches, and there is now information on a migraine diet for those who suffer. Some research has identified the items which cause migraine headaches, and the researchers have provided much information on a migraine diet that those affected should follow. The people who have followed this advice have found some relief in the intensity of the headaches they suffer and the number of headaches that they suffer. Many of these people personally will recommend the migraine diet suggested by the researchers.

Avoid Some Foods to Avoid Migraine Headaches

For many years, people ate normal foods and had no idea that these might contribute to the headaches that they suffered. If they had known, the migraine headache is so painful; surely they would have avoided these foods. Now they know and their lives are better for the information on migraine diet. First of all, there is information that alcoholic beverages might be the trigger that sets off a migraine. Red wine seems to be one of the worst of these beverages for those affected by migraine. Processed meats are also on the list of foods to avoid on a migraine diet. Some fruits also may be the triggers. These fruits include avocadoes, passion fruits, and papayas.

Unfortunately the list of foods to avoid for a migraine diet is fairly long, but surely any person with more than one migraine will want to avoid these foods. These people should avoid chocolate and other products from cocoa. Caffeine is also on the list of foods that should be avoided along with dairy products including sour cream and buttermilk. Hopefully this information will help people avoid the pain and suffering that comes with migraine headaches.

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