How to Select the Right Migraine Headache Medication for you

Migraines are an affliction that approximately 15% of the general population suffers from. If you are one of the 15%, you know how important it is to find effective migraine headache medication that will offer relief from the painful symptoms. Fortunately, there are many options available in migraine headache medication today that give most migraine sufferers a chance for a quality of life without the constant worry of when the next headache will strike. From homeopathic remedies, to over-the-counter medications, and even prescription options, there is something for almost everyone when it comes to the right migraine headache medication for you.

Homeopathic Treatment Options

Many migraine sufferers opt for homeopathic treatment and relief from painful migraine symptoms. These can include relaxation techniques that will help prevent a headache from starting, as well as things like a cool compress to the forehead and lying down in a dark room once the migraine has begun. Exercise and adequate sleep are also effective prevention techniques that donít cost a thing but can keep many headaches from ever beginning. Avoiding the triggers that seem to set off the painful headaches can also be an effective means of prevention.

Over-the-Counter Medication Options

If your preventative therapy does not work effectively enough to keep all migraines at bay, there are some over-the-counter options that can treat the painful symptoms for many. These include the basic pain relievers like acetaminophen, naproxen and ibuprofen. There are also pain relievers specifically formulated as migraine headache medications such as Excedrin Migraine. These over-the-counter remedies work particularly well on mild migraines that do not tend to interfere with daily activities. For those that suffer from intensely painful migraine headaches on a regular basis, prescription migraine headache medications might be a better choice.

Prescription Migraine Headache Medications

There are a number of options in prescription migraine headache medications, and it will be up to you and your doctor to select the best one for your headaches. Triptans are medicines that can be used at the first signs of a migraine. One of the commonly used triptans goes by the market name of Imitrex. These medicines are most effective when taken as early as possible in the migraine process. Taking them early also lessens the possibility of side effects, such as a tingling of the skin or flush in the face, drowsiness and dizziness. Individuals with a history of heart disease should not take triptans, since they work by narrowing the arteries.

For those that suffer from frequent migraines, there are also preventative medications that can be taken daily to avoid painful headaches completely. These generally fall under the category of prophylactic medications, and are very effective for some although they certainly do not work for all migraine sufferers. The good news is that by using a combination of techniques including migraine headache medications, you can greatly reduce the incidence of these often painful headaches.

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