Finding the best Migraine Medicine for you

Migraines affect millions of Americans, and mostly strike women. These intense headaches can bring pain, nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms to the victim, and get in the way of daily life activities. Most migraine sufferers find that the best treatment for a migraine episode is to lie down in a dark, quiet room until the headache passes. With any luck, sleep will come and the sufferer will awaken pain free. Unfortunately, this method of treatment can take time away from other activities that the patient was planning for. Because most migraine sufferers do not want this condition to get in the way of their everyday lives, migraine medicines have become a good option for quick and effective treatment.

Over-the-Counter Migraine Medicines

For mild migraine sufferers, over-the-counter medicines may be sufficient to control the symptoms and the pain of a migraine. These migraine medicines can include pain relievers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen. If you suffer from frequent migraines, it is a good idea to check with your doctor before taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Regular use of these medications can cause complications for some users. Acetaminophen is nearly always safe as long as it is taken according to the directions on the package. For more intense pain, you can even use a combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Check with a doctor or pharmacist for the correct way to use these medications in tandem. You can also combine an over-the-counter treatment with a cup of black coffee to maximize the effectiveness of the migraine medicine.

Prescription Migraine Medicines

If your migraine symptoms are more severe, you may want to talk to your doctor about your options in prescription migraine medicines. There are generally two types of migraine medicines that doctors will prescribe to patients. The first is a triptan, which will diminish or eliminate migraine symptoms when taken at the first sign that a headache is imminent. This family of drugs includes one by the commercial name of Imitrex. These migraine medicines can be effective for many migraine sufferers if taken as soon as possible after the symptoms begin. If you wait too long, the changes to your body as a result of the migraine will actually make it more difficult for your body to absorb an oral medication.

Another type of prescription migraine medicine falls into the category of prophylactic medications. These drugs include beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and some antidepressants. The prophylactic medications work primarily as a means of prevention. Most of these drugs are taken on a daily basis as a maintenance migraine medicine. These can be particularly effective for patients who suffer from very frequent migraines, as well as those whose symptoms can cause permanent damage to the body in some way. Your doctor can recommend the best migraine medicine for you.

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