Some Home Migraine Remedies

When you have had headaches and migraines for awhile, the drugs that are made to stop the headaches might no longer be working for you. There are several things that you can do for yourself, even while taking headache medicine, to make sure that your head stops hurting and that you feel better as soon as possible.


A great migraine remedy includes putting yourself into a dark and quiet place and trying to sleep. Often, if you are sleeping, the tightening will loosen in your head and your migraine will subside. If you can mange to sleep, you can probably wake up without the migraine, or at least with less of the pain. A migraine remedy such as simply finding a quiet place to sleep is something that is often overlooked, but something that can help you a great deal.


One of the best migraine remedies is to keep a diary or journal of the things that trigger your migraines. If you find that you are having more migraines if you have been drinking alcohol, or if you have stayed up late, you will be able to see that this is the truth if you write down each time you have one and what you have been doing. Loss of sleep, and alcohol are two of the biggest causes of migraines, so a migraine remedy is to keep track of what has happened before your migraine starts, and then try to avoid these things in the future. It might also help to take some migraine medicine when you know you are doing something that triggers migraines, even if you donít feel one coming on. This is a great preventative migraine remedy that you can use whenever you need to use.

Music and Exercise

There are other things that work as a migraine remedy for some people. Listening to calming music is a great way to get rid of a migraine. For some, it helps if they can exercise, which releases endorphins into your body and helps to stabilize your headaches.

There are plenty of good old fashioned things that might work as a migraine remedy, but the most important part is that you find something that works well for you. You might have to do some research, and you might have to hunt a little bit to see what works for you, but sooner or later you should find out what helps you when you have a migraine, and that will become your own personal migraine remedy.

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