Hope And Relief Through Topamax For Migraine

An individual who is a migraine sufferer is well acquainted with the excruciating pain associated with the onset of a migraine. They are familiar with the pounding that occurs in the head, the sensitivity to light and noise and the nausea that accompanies a migraine.

When seeking treatment they know all too well that there is no specific cure for these headaches. They also know that the pain in their head can be very agonizing and often adversely affects their daily routine.

Up until now, the only recourse that a migraine sufferer had was to take aspirin and try to obtain their rest in a quiet darkened room and hope that the migraine would pass as quickly as possible. However, due to a newly discovered benefit of an epileptic medication, there is renewed hope for the migraine sufferer. This medication is called Topamax.

Topamax for migraine sufferers has show promise to be a preventive medication that can help to prevent the onset of a migraine headache. When consulting with your doctor, in regards to a possible prescription, it is important to understand what Topamax for migraine is, what the possible side effects are and what early studies have indicated regarding its usefulness.

What Is Topamax

Topamax for migraines has been available for migraine sufferers since 1995. Topamax for migraine is an anti-epileptic drug that is normally prescribed for individuals who have moderate epileptic seizures to grand mal seizures. However, because there is a strong correlation between episodes of migraine headaches and epileptic seizures, this prescription medication has proven to be effective for both conditions.

It is important to note, however, that Topamax for migraines is not to be used as a medication taken when experiencing a migraine. However, it has shown to be an effective medication that aids in the prevention of episodes of migraines. This medication was approved by the FDA in 2004 to be used as a preventive drug in reducing the frequency of migraines in individuals.

Topamax for migraines is not taken in full dosage initially. It is prescribed using a graduation process which means that the dosage is increased over a period of time. Under the care of your physician, the prescribed amount is increased on a weekly basis until that dosage is achieved that reflects the right strength in controlling migraine episodes.

Possible Side Effects

Is important to remember that in the use of any prescription medications there may be subsequent side effects experienced by the patient. Topamax for migraines is no exception.

A few of the possible side effects may include the possibilities of being tired, possible stomach pain, distortion of vision, being emotionally upset, anxious, loss of appetite, pain in the chest, possible dizziness, etc. It is important to read the accompany prescription information and listen to the instructions of your physician and pharmacist.


The successful result of controlled studies regarding the usefulness of Topamax for migraines has proven to be very beneficial for migraine sufferers. Specifically, these studies were conducted on over 1,700 migraine sufferers. The results of these studies showed that Topamax for migraines, in a month’s time, substantially reduced the episodes of migraines.

The level of dosage strength that was found to be the most effective was that dosage taken by individuals who had escalated to a level of 100 mg daily. That effectiveness was not on completely reducing migraines, but reducing the number of episodes.

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