The Entire Line of Angel Perfumes by Thierry Mugler

In the early 1990s the famous French clothing designer, Thierry Mugler, started a new perfume line called Angel. This perfume was an instant success and still draws rave reviews from critics and consumers. The perfume often has been described as delicious owing to the chocolaty type scent emitted. The hint of peaches, plums, melons, and fresh citrus are blended with sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli to create a delightful feminine scent which attracts innumerable admirers.

The perfume comes in beautiful star shaped bottles. The pure perfume in crystal costs over $300 for 0.8 ounces. The line does offer many sizes of Eau de Parfum starting at just over $50. Also available are the refillable bottles which save on the cost considerably. Angel perfume also comes in several bath and body products. Angel perfume is available in fine department and perfume stores and through several reputable internet stores. The buyer should be certain they are purchasing the true product and not a counterfeit Angel perfume.

Other Angel Perfume Scents

Since the successful introduction of Angel perfume, Thierry Mugler has introduced several other Angel fragrances for women and has even developed an Angel cologne for men. Angel Innocent, Angel Peony, Angel Lily, Angel Rose, and Angel Violet are all delightful offshoots of the original fragrance.

Angel Innocent is a flowery fragrance of exotic fruits, fresh mandarin, almond, and honey mixed with musk and amber. Angel Peony, Angle Lily, Angel Rose, and Angel Violet all incorporate the floral fragrances with unique blends of other scents to produce enchanting Angel Perfume scents. These scents all start at around $50 for the small bottle of Eau de Parfum spray. They also come in refillable bottles helping with the future cost of a favorite scent.

Angel for Men

Angel cologne for men was introduced by Thierry Muglers design house in 1996. This is a masculine daytime scent which combines mint, lavender, caramel, coffee and tar to create a pleasing oriental, woody fragrance. Men will find the ladies respond quite favorably when this scent is worn. The scent is extremely pleasing to the olfactory receptors of the brain toying with the appetites of those in the vicinity of the wearer.

The cost compares to the other Angel fragrances and is a wonderful gift item for a special man. Angel Perfume truly does have something to offer everyone; Thierry Mugler has shown himself to be a visionary designer in the world of scents.

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