Fantasy Fragrance: Britney Spears Perfume

When singers, actors and professional athletes make it into the big-time, they often will leverage their celebrity status by diversifying their business portfolio. This diversification often finds movie stars starting restaurants, endorsing a clothing line that takes on their recognized name, beauty products, product endorsements, etc.

Another common business venture is the creation of perfumes. One such perfume line is the product known as Britney Spears perfume. To fully understand this line of fragrances it is important to understand who is Britney Spears, how the Britney Spears perfume is packaged, the fragrance and the targeted audience.

Who Is Britney Spears?

Although Britney Spears has received a considerable amount of negative publicity, she continues to be a popular vocalist who has tremendous appeal to the younger generation. This popularity can be attributed to her vocal talent and the significant selling of her vocal recordings.

In addition, her childhood discovery and subsequent appearance on a popular syndicated television show gave rise to her success. This discovery process is a widely held dream amongst many young people. This discovery and living the dream has added significantly to her popularity.

The Packaging Of Britney Spears Perfume

One of the key factors to successfully marketing any product is the way that the product is packaged. One of the lines of Britney Spears perfume is labeled as Fantasy. This fragrance is packaged in a pink bottle that is further decorated with simulated crystals.

The packaging of this product is attractive to an age specific segment of the population. In addition once the perfume is gone the attractive bottle can be used for many other decorative purposes.

The Fragrance

Of course the key feature of Britney Spears perfume is the fragrance. The fragrance obviously appeals to the younger generation and can be described as having a candy-like or sweet smell to it. In addition, although sweet smelling in nature, it is not a sickening sweet aroma.

Targeted Audience

Obviously the customer that the fragrance of Britney Spears perfume is designed to attract is the younger generation. This marketing strategy is based not only upon the fragrance, but the product's name labeled as Britney Spears perfume.

In addition, because of the affordability of this product it is perfect for teenagers and adolescents. In addition the pricing of Britney Spears perfume makes it affordable for younger teenage boys to purchase this product for their girlfriend.

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