The Epitome of French Class Givenchy Perfume

Everyone is familiar with designer namestheres Calvin Klein, Chanel, Christian Dior, and, of course Givenchy perfume. Givenchy, however, is characterized by a refined, chic style that immediately distinguishes it as originating from the French culture and separates it from all other designer brands.

The Beginnings Of Givenchy Perfume

Parfum Givenchy was founded in 1957 by Hubert de Givenchy, who was renowned for his tremendously sophisticated, yet slightly fantastical designs. The founding is now somewhat legendary due to the involvement of one person: the famous American actress Audrey Hepburn.

Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn met and collaboratively established Givenchy style. This style was a combination of light-hearted French elegance with modern American glamour. Huber de Givenchys first fragrance, called LInterdit, was said to be inspired by Audrey Hepburn.

Since then, Givenchy perfume has continued the tradition of producing glamorous and sophisticated fragrances for both men and women. Womens fragrances, now represented by Liv Tyler, continue to be the embodiment of an audacious and feminine woman. Mens fragrances still reflect the attitude of a charming gentleman.

Parfum Givenchy had also expanded to include not only Givenchy perfume, but makeup, skincare, and spa products as well. The company has become well-known in these fields.

The Many Fragrances of Givenchy Perfume

Givenchy has produced a wide array of fragrances over the years, each displaying the Givenchy twist that the company is known for. Each Givenchy perfume has a spirit all of its own.

The classic perfumes of Givenchy include Ysatis, LInterdit, and Eau de Givenchy. Ysatis is an embodiment of both power and seduction, while LInterdit is meant to encompass a mixture of natural sophistication and mischief. Because LInterdit was the very first Givenchy fragrance, a more modern version is available. Eau de Givenchy represents a woman filled with vitality and natural charm.

The most recent Givenchy perfume is Very Irresistible Givenchy, which is the companys tribute to its origins in both French and American culture. Meant to be a celebration of women, Very Irresistible Givenchy embodies audacity, spontaneity, and sensuality.

Above The Rest

Next time you think of designer perfume, look at Givenchy in a different light. Unlike other designer companies, Givenchy has demonstrated sophistication and extreme consideration in each fragrance it releases to the masses. To Givenchy, the perfume is not merely a fragrance, but a representation of every woman who will ever wear it.

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